Јул 20, 2021

СWhat attracts me most is working with music and the general concept of sound.

Јул 05, 2021

Тhe best way to raise a music culture is to support local producers and promoters. They are the key.

Јун 03, 2021

"I have the same approach to every mix, there has to be a story."

Мај 28, 2021

“Unum” is Latin for “to become one”, so we will all become one from 3-7 June.

Мај 21, 2021

"What the DJ brings, the year doesn't bring."

May 05, 2021

"I would repeat everything, because I think that everything I have lived through, made me who I am today."

Apr 21, 2021

“A lot of breaks, acid and pads”

Мар 31, 2021

“Follow your heart. You become what you listen to”

Мар 17, 2021

A genre mix of deep tech and breakall in style called rominimal."

Mar 4, 2021

"There is more support among artists and cultural promoters than ever before."