season 2

Break Away

Conceptualizes liberation by breaking the chains of negative thoughts imposed by the media and society, and breaking away through the power of music. The picture of the “screaming girl” represents her cry of freedom after dropping the weight of her shackles and regaining bliss under the influence of music.

artwork by:  Aleksandar Samardjiski

Episode 1 - NairLess

NairLess has been immersed in music from a very young age. He began playing the piano at the age of four and quickly discovered a passion for composition, oscillating between classical and jazz music. After a long stay in Beijing, he started to get interested in electronic music and the wonderful world of computer music.

His productions include deep and energetic music, often combined with atmospheric layers, a touch of acid and breakbeats.

Episode 2 - Marko Nastič

Marko Nastic is the leading South Eastern European DJ. In a troubled Serbia of the 90’s, Marko and his friends built one of the most vibrant club scenes in Eastern Europe, one that inspired writers of “Mixmag”, “The Face”, “DJ” and “NME” to write accolades many moons ago. They resisted dark forces of political madness through electronic music and a celebration of life.

Episode 3 - BerryQyat

From an early age, music and the way sound functions, takes away Stefan Milevski's attention and challenges him to learn musical instruments. He soon began playing the double bass in the school orchestra, and later appeared as part of the city mandolin orchestra. At the age of 12 he became acquainted with dance music and as early as the following year he attended a number of raves taking place in his hometown which made him delve deep into electronic music. Stefan's curiosity to discover and merge new music forms a unique basis for him to start DJing. Since 2015 he is a vinyl records collector and his unique DJ sets and performances are becoming part of the most important clubs and events in Macedonia. He performs under the name "BerryQyat". His recipe for a DJ set travels through several house-based genres, followed by a playful groove and good dynamics.BerryQyat“. His mix recipe travels through several house-based genres, followed by a playful groove and good dynamics.

Episode 4 - Nemax


Episode 5 - Mitrik & Samardjiski

Samardjiski Samardjiski is one of the founders of the promoter association Room 313 where he appears in the role of а DJ and promoter. The first touch with a musical instrument takes him on a journey filled with experimentation of various music styles, ranging from classical and jazz compositions to rock and metal themes. This gradually brings him to techno, which he further inspects and then continues to develop and deepen his sound into new unexplored genres of music. Throughout his time as part of Room 313 he has collaborated with a number of artists (domestic and foreign) who have upgraded his sense of DJ-ing.

Mitrik Mitrik has been building his name as a promoter, event organizer and DJ since 2013. He is one of three founders of the promoter association Room 313. This label counts more than 100 events (club and festival) to date, which promoted many Macedonian and foreign artists from different genres and directions through electronic music. Such collaborations influence him, thus opening the musical boundaries for him and supplementing the recipe for his DJ set. He has performed in many clubs and festivals. As a producer he is part of the duo Vaccine 313.