season 1

Cave of Hands

"Cave of Hands" symbolizes the club culture in the days when it was loudest. When the connection of people was closest to the dance floor. raised hands symbolize a level of happiness and enjoyment. It seems that all this happened a long time ago, at another time. New episodes come every other Wednesday.

         artwork by: Mitrik Aleksandar

Епизода 1 - DJarto

"DJarto" began his passion for music in the early 90's as a radio host of electronic music shows, later became the founder of the electronic scene in Kumanovo, as well as a longtime resident of the legendary club Linka. An original lover of progressive house inspired by the visit of the legendary club Twilo in 98, over the years he constantly changes his music style which in recent years has been refined into groovy / minimal / dub techno. Techno-tourist, globe trotter, in constant search of a new festival, managed to perform at Burning Man for two years in a row. A lover of vinyl sound, in Macedonia he is part of the promoter group House.

Епизода 2 - JosS

A unique selection of music and a great mixing style are just some of the traits that make JosS stand out from the crowd. JosSis one who is curious about the characteristics of the sound, without particular adherence to a certain style. A distinctive passion for collecting records has him continuously upgrading his vinyl collection. He is tirelessly working on creating original music and expressing himself as an artist. He appears as part of the teams of the promoter organizations Akto, House and Pirka.

Епизода 3 - Iceberg

Iceberg is a Macedonian DJ who in his lengthy career has shared the DJ booth with world-renowned names. His first touch with the electronic scene in the early 90's created an instant connection with house music. Consequently, he is persistently on the hunt for deepening his sound and style. His dynamic sets are inspired by the Romanian underground electronic music community, which makes him a suitable candidate for the "Roomania" podcasts. The “Artefact Records” label and radio show "Departures" are just two of the items which separate him as an artist. 

Епизода 4 - Dimitri Monev

Dimitri Monev is one of the front runners of the new wave of electronic music artists from Bulgaria. His style stands out on the electronic music scene. A combination of minimalistic sounds, house vocals and hip-hop breaks is part of his palette available for making noise on a disco podium. He is also active as a producer who has released a great number of productions for well-known labels.

Епизода 5 - Mitirk & Samardjiski

Samardjiski Samardjiski is one of the founders of the promoter association Room 313 where he appears in the role of а DJ and promoter. The first touch with a musical instrument takes him on a journey filled with experimentation of various music styles, ranging from classical and jazz compositions to rock and metal themes. This gradually brings him to techno, which he further inspects and then continues to develop and deepen his sound into new unexplored genres of music. Throughout his time as part of Room 313 he has collaborated with a number of artists (domestic and foreign) who have upgraded his sense of DJ-ing.

Mitrik Mitrik has been building his name as a promoter, event organizer and DJ since 2013. He is one of three founders of the promoter association Room 313. This label counts more than 100 events (club and festival) to date, which promoted many Macedonian and foreign artists from different genres and directions through electronic music. Such collaborations influence him, thus opening the musical boundaries for him and supplementing the recipe for his DJ set. He has performed in many clubs and festivals. As a producer he is part of the duo Vaccine 313.