Andrey Pushkarev [RUS]

Тhe best way to raise a music culture is to support local producers and promoters. They are the key.

His extraordinary taste, unique skills in the DJ booth, as well as his nature and simplicity brought him respect and admiration in the world of the alternative scene as a dedicated promoter of quality electronic music. The subtle charm of his mixes reflects a mood-creating sound. The firm attitude and facial expression he possesses behind the turntables masks the undoubted exploration of space, sound, audience and interconnections during his performance.

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His mixes are a combination of perfect selections, ideally blended with the moment, in which he gives space for the "breathing" of each track through his set for an audiophile experience on the podium.

He was born in 1981 in Votkinsk, Russia. He started DJing at the age of 15. When he moved to Moscow in 2000, he booked the nights for performances and worked during the day at the Russian headquarters of the German music distribution company “TraumBaum” where he supervised the exclusive import of foreign vinyl records and DJ equipment to Russia for 3 years. Gradually, he collects his own collection of thousands of rare records. In 2006, Pushkarev became a resident DJ on the unique web radio “”, that broadcasts non-commercial techno music, free of charge and without any advertising, to 6,000 listeners per month from 53 countries, until the end of summer 2011. As a result of his unusual, deep, melodic and uncompromising techno transmissions, Pushkarev quickly became known throughout the world. His first DJ appearance outside Russia was in 2007 in France.

In his 25 years of career he has performed in 55 countries. Played at festivals such as Caprices Festival, B My Lake, Drift Festival, ZeeZout Festival, Echowaves. Has been a guest at the Boiler Room in Bucharest, the Mixmag Lab Los-Angeles and The Lot Radio - New York. Owner of the Luck of Access label. The protagonist of the Kvadrat movie.



Following, a conversation with Andrey Pushkarev.

Roomania: Hi Andrey and welcome to Roomania. We are really pleased to be able to conduct this interview with you. We can say without a doubt that you have a great influence on us. You are an inspiration for us and for many younger artists in the field of electronic music. For starters, tell us how your passion or "love affair" with electronic music started?

Hi, I'm pleased as well. Thank you for having me. My passion started when I was still in school. My classmate used to bring CDs and cassettes from London and we all were amazed by the difference in sound. I realized that music can be much more interesting than what the local industry offered us. Then I saw the Gus Gus concert which was broadcast on the German channel Viva Zwei which was picked up by only one antenna in the city. My young heart was blown away. I began to study deeper what electronic music is and from that point, I got sucked.

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Roomania: After so many years of hard work and dedication, how does it feel to look back and see all your accomplishments?

Frankly speaking, I never had specific goals. I was just trying to find the perfect sound for my ears and compose stories from it. The universe accidentally sent me the opportunity to share them, and I was happy to do so.ѐ And this is the main accomplishment for me so far - to do what I love.

Roomania: You are a collector of vinyl records. We believe that your collection has tens of thousands of records and that the number is not the reason you buy and collect them, you just want music. Which editions attract your attention, are there certain publishing houses that you trust and buy each of their editions or do you often dig into different sources and genres?

All of my records came to me in many different ways. When I travel I always try to find places for digging (It’s my favorite). Some I receive as a gift, some I've bought over 10 or 15 years ago and forgot about them. Also I receive plenty of promos. The main criterion in choosing music is that you should genuinely like it. Sources, genres, relevance do not matter.

Roomania: Starting in the 90's, the only available form of DJing was vinyl. Have you ever used a digital audio carrier? Is the sound carrier crucial for sound quality? What do you think about digital music, digital players and DJ software?

In my native town in the middle of the ’90s, there was no chance to buy records, only when I moved to Moscow I started to do that. So at the very beginning of being a DJ, I could use only CDs and cassettes. These days I’m using USB as well, cause I get many promos and I’m not bringing very expensive records with me while touring. Instead, I digitize them and put them on USB. Another point to have a backup, in case something happened with my baggage. Doesn’t matter what DJ's are using to make people happy on a dancefloor, only matters a result - happy faces of a crowd.

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Roomania: What is your recipe for a DJ mix? Is there a difference between the sets you prepare for a radio show and the live sets in front of an audience?

My podcast schedule is usually booked in advance but because I like to put unreleased material in each of them I make my podcasts several days before the posting. When I go to the gig I don't know exactly what I will play. Of course, I have a pack of favourite records at the time but it always depends on the vibe of the dance floor.

Roomania: You are the driving force behind the “Luck of Access” label. How long does it exist and which sound is recognizable for this label? Which artists have released and are expected to release music under this name? Is it a vinyl only label or are there digital editions of the releases?

The first release came out in September 2017 so soon it will be four years. It’s based on my own taste. I like to collaborate with friends and young producers. We had released from Havantepe, Ohm and Octal Industries, Low Tape and myself so far. J.S. Zeiter, Toki Fuko and Stojche are planned for the rest of this year. Before the pandemic, it was vinyl only, but now "Luck of Access"Luck of Access" is also presented on streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Roomania: Living life as a constantly touring DJ is not always what others see. Can you share something on this topic? Something people do not know? What is life like "behind the scenes''?

Many artists will tell you that touring is very difficult. Emotionally and physically draining because of constant stress associated with travelling. Airports, borders, change of time, climate and now we also have the Pandemic. Most of the time you are alone trying to get through all of it and still have the power to perform. And I’m not complaining it’s the way everything works but you definitely need to have ways to reboot on the road. I like to run so I always take my gear for it.

Andrey Pushkarev is the protagonist in the movie "Kvadrat" by Anatoly IVANOV.

Roomania: You have performed in Macedonia several times. How do you feel about the Macedonian audience? As part of this industry and an experienced DJ, what would you recommend, what should we focus on in order to raise this culture here?

From my experience, I can highlight the amazing audience. People are open, positive and with a good sense of humour. I think any artist or DJ will be happy to come and perform in such a welcoming environment. In my opinion, the best way to raise a music culture is to support local producers and promoters. They are the key.

From my experience, the best way to raise a music culture is to support local producers and promoters. They are the key.

Roomania: How do you feel more creative, alone or while doing a b2b session with a colleague? How do you connect with a colleague with whom you are doing a b2b set?

Both ways you have space for creativity. The experience is different and it’s nice to have it from time to time. Of course the best b2b you have with a colleague you connect as a person or with whom you share the same musical tastes. My recipe for good performance is to tell one story together by adjusting one for another and not trying to turn the cooler track.

In Macedonia, one of the favorite summer places for electronic music is Orevche Beach.. Your performance together with Stojche is reserved for the 10th of July. You have already performed together in a b2b edition. What is the energy you create together and what can the audience expect from your performance?

Stojche is one of the talented producers not only in Macedonia but on the whole techno scene in general. We don’t know exactly what we will play but the audience can definitely expect a lot of love energy from us.

The audience can definitely expect a lot of love energy from us

Andrey, thank you for the honest answers. We wish you great success and many sold out events around the world. We are looking forward to your musical selection on Orevce Beach, we believe it will be an event to remember. 

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