season 3

Mind Alleys

A new season has been opened by Room 313’s “Roomania”, a project which promotes quality music by quality artists, and thus far, it has been pretty successful. The third season, Mind Alleys, represents the idea of diving deep in one's thoughts and exploring the crooked alleys of the mind. Being able to know and control the thoughts which pass through the mind on a daily basis is not an easy task, but with the help of the deep sounds of the third season, some of the pressure will be relieved. Therefore, dive deep into this season’s opener and begin exploring the alleys of your minds.

artwork by: Dolores Sokolova

Episode 1 - DeepAct

Episode 2 - De Yan

A longtime music lover who shares a passion for the general concept of how the sound works. He finds utmost freedom in music production, from which the desire for creating music in many different styles arises, having been released under several aliases. Logos Recordings, Zingiber Audio and Welter are just a few of the long list of labels, under which he releases his music. His music and artistic creativity is also shared through HAUZ & Pirka, in which he takes part as an active member.

Епизода 3 - Mike.D

Mike.D is a founder of Salomon Records along with long time friend Lopx, from Juarez Chihuahua, he is one of the new generation talents of DJs and producers from northern Mexico. His music selection and mixing abilities have given him the opportunity to play at Hardpop as a guest DJ for multiple years , Hardpop being one of the best clubs in Mexico and very notated by international DJs. As a producer he is under labels such as Kanja Records, Kina Music, The Lab, Dream Culture among others which currently set him on the map because of these productions, His music is played by Arapu, Sepp, Cosmjn, Maher Daniel, Mihai Pol, Sublee, Crihan, Vincentiulian and more.