Roomania by Room 313

What is "Roomania"?

One of our latest projects is a new podcast series called "Roomania" - a fusion of “Room 313” and the Romanian sound. We chose SoundCloud as the platform for presenting our project, where we use the playlist format to sort the releases by seasons.

The series will include mixes by quality DJs / producers, who are inspired by the Romanian underground electronic music scene and are serious "diggers" of beautiful melodies.

What is "room 313"?

As the name suggests, 313 was a room number in a dormitory. That was in our student days, in 2013. It was there that the idea of living to this day was born and built our everyday style.  
Usually we organize events at various locations, which has a positive side to it - meeting and networking with a lot of different people. Each of those people have helped us in some way and is part of one of our events.
We count more than 100 organized events - clubs, venues and festivals.

Mitrik, Samardjiski, LTX


Promotion of modern electronic music.


Together with more creatives from different domains, we believe we can change the world.