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“A lot of breaks, acid and pads”

NairLess has been immersed in music from a very young age. He began playing the piano at the age of four and quickly discovered a passion for composition, oscillating between classical and jazz music. After a long stay in Beijing, he started to get interested in electronic music and the wonderful world of computer music. His productions include deep and energetic music, often combined with atmospheric layers, a touch of acid and breakbeats. Creating eclectic sets is his trademark. It doesn't matter if the music is labelled as house, disco, techno or minimal, NairLess’s desire is to always create varied and original sets with a fresh selection, while keeping a coherence with his productions.

He is also one half of the all-hardware live duo “Flying Structures” which he founded in 2018 with his sidekick Pépé Elle. They form a fantastic team se- blending acid techno, trance, 90s Detroit inspired electronic music and electric guitar.

Roomania: Hello NairLess and welcome to Roomania. We will begin by stating that this was an “unusual”, although not unlikely, encounter. Room 313’s motto has always been “Connection through music”, and this was the case with you. How would you describe your experience about our meeting?

Well I’m really pleased to be invited here and I really like your project! It’s true, music connects, the same way a track of mine connected us and we’ve already begun our creative collaboration.  

Roomania: You mentioned that you spent some time in Beijing. Apart from inspiring you to dive into the world of electronic music, what else would you add to the list? Is Beijing a club oriented city?

I began producing in Beijing, but I didn’t visit that many house or techno clubs there, since it was not so popular at that point of time in China. In terms of electronic music, I love Berlin and Vienna!

Roomania: The French electronic music scene has given us an array of artists. Who would you say are your biggest inspiration and how have they influenced you in the shaping of your sound?

I don’t think that I have one favorite French electronic artist. I really love old school electronic music with hovering pads such as “Jean-Michel Jarre”, but I get inspired by various artists from all around the world such as “Octave One”, “The True Underground Sounds of Rome” and many others. It is mainly pad-based electronic music.

Roomania: You dabble in production and have a number of releases. “Pawn Checkmate” was the track that connected us. Do you have a recipe for making a track or is it а “go with the flow” kind of vibe?

Зависно од мојата инспирација! Немам посебен рецепт за правење трака, туку само експериментирам со моите синтисајзери и плагини, а понекогаш од тоа излегува трака.

Roomania: This period without clubbing probably gave you more time to produce music. Can you reveal any upcoming releases?

At the moment I am working on several projects including a remix for a small french label called “Records not records”. I also have some work in progress, one of which is in the mix that I’ve recorded for you!

Roomania: Apart from your “NairLess'' pseudonym, you represent one half of “Flying Structures”. How did this project come to life? What are the driving forces behind it and what is your vision of it?

I’ve met Pepe Elle, the second half of Flying Structures, on SoundCloud. I really enjoyed his music productions, which is why I contacted him. I knew he had a few rhythm machines, so when I bought my first “Roland TR8” and “TB3”, we started jamming and we haven’t stopped since!

Roomania: “Aurore 404”. Could you describe in a nutshell what it stands for and its origins?

“Aurore” means “dawn” in French and the pronunciation is close to “error”. We just wanted to do a wordplay with “Error 404”.

Roomania: You have a rich event history of playing music. Are there any special gigs that transformed your way of thinking about dance music or a party where you realized that “this is my thing”?

For sure! My first gig which happened about three years ago in a bar in Paris.

Roomania: What’s the thing you miss the most about being unable to DJ /perform in clubs during this pandemic period?

Playing live in front of a dancing crowd!

Roomania: Garnier. Thoughts?


Roomania:  Finally, how would you describe your mix for "Roomania"? Why should fans hear this mix?

Lots of breaks (of course), but also a lot of acid and pads.

Thank you for being a part of “Roomania“.. We hope that after this madness ends, we will be able to dance together.

The next episode premieres in two weeks. For more information on the audio series ''Break Away'', as well as listening to the previous and next episodes, follow “Roomania” on Soundcloud and “Room 313’s” social media. Roomania on Soundcloud and social media of Room 313.


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