Mitrik & Samardjiski announce “liberation” with the second season of the audio series "ROOMANIA"

Photographer: Stankov Antonio

The challenge for club culture currently is finding a way to “survive” by adapting to and promoting on an online platform. It is the only way that allows artists to develop at the moment. Of course, it is not even close to live events, but on the other hand, it invites “out of the box” thinking and new creative ways for electronic music promoters.

The promoter association "Room 313", which promotes modern electronic music, is one of the few that accepts this new challenge and works on realizing its goals. Following, Mitrik & Samardjiski on their latest project.

About the audio series "Roomania".

Thinking about the variety of ways to adapt to these new times, we came up with the idea for a new project. We named our new project "Roomania" and it represents a series of audio podcasts, DJ mixes, where we implement carefully selected musically themed seasons and promote artists, respectively.

We close up the first season called "Cave of Hands" with our own mix. The design and aesthetics of “Cave of Hands” symbolize the time distance of a live club event, where physical contact and raised hands were synonymous to good fun. In "Roomania", we present a specific electronic sound, simple, yet complicated in its simplicity, which appeared from the Romanian modern electronic scene and received great recognition in the last few years. We do a separate interview with each of the artists through which we try to connect the readers better to the artist's music and to the culture we are representing.

The music featured on our Soundcloud account is free, and it is our way of creating an impact on society . Everyone who wishes to hear our releases and share them on social platforms, are free to do so. In this challenging time, each of us deserve a little space for fun. With all the clubs being closed, we can enjoy newly released quality music sounds in our homes or wherever it is available.

Season one, "Cave of hands".

All 5 episodes of the first season have been released, in which the guests are our close friends and associates and, above all, great DJs.

In the first episode, the mix belongs to "DJarto", who continually follows music releases. A tireless lover of traveling and often present at Romanian festivals. We can say that he has the Romanian music "first hand".

In the second episode we have JosS, a very talented DJ from Bitola who recorded a wonderful "uplifting" mix for us.

The third episode is the work of Iceberg, a well known DJ to the Macedonian audience through his radio shows

As the fourth guest, we had the honor of hosting Dimitri Monev, a prominent Bulgarian producer and a favorite producer among Romanian superstar DJs.

To close out the season, in this and in the following seasons, we will record the mixes as resident DJs.

We use SoundCloud’s playlist format to arrange the mixes by season. On one playlist on soundcloud you can upload an infinite number of tracks, but only the first 5 are displayed without clicking the "see more" button. For a better overview, we chose that each season/playlist will contain 5 mixes. In this way, each mix comes to the fore and the previous tracks do not fall behind in the promotion of the new ones. With every new mix which we upload, the old ones can be heard as well.

Season two, "Break Away".

The artists are booked and we are currently working on the graphic design and the interviews. The second season is called "Break Away". The concept and idea are liberation, or as the poster symbolizes, to "get rid" of the "shackles" of negative thoughts that are being imposed by the media and society. All of this will come to pass, but in the meantime, we have to live freely in the present, accepting this new "normality".

The music style will correspond to the name of the season and all the mixes will be in a genre called "BreakBeats". This is our way of getting free and we believe we can pass this on to our audience as well. The new season is technically more serious, it includes big names and experienced professionals in the field of electronic music.

On April 21st, the season will open with NairLess, a producer and co-owner of “Aurore 404” in Paris, France. On May 5th, a mix by the one and only, Marko Nastić, well known to the culture and a huge honor to present his unique "breakbeat" set on "Roomania".

Along with foreign artists, you will also hear Macedonian DJs who are serious "diggers" of quality releases. This season, the third episode belongs to "Berryqyat", a DJ and musician from Bitola, who also has a very interesting selection of "breakbeat" productions. The fourth episode will include another Serbian DJ, Nemax, whose performances are well-known in different countries.

We are expecting a season with very high quality electronic music that will surely bring enjoyment to the listeners.

Our own platform - "Roomania".

We’ll make a revelation here. We are working on our website and radio show, which are going to be our own platforms for presenting current and future projects. At this pace we are going to finish quickly, although we still have a lot of work to do. The site is going to hold all of the information about the audio series and the radio show, which is going to be aired on one of the national radio services and is going to discuss electronic music artists and music.

All of the episodes on the website are arranged as a "picture book" and can be seen as a conceptual image of our vision. The site is connected to all of our social networks and gives easy access to "Room 313’s" official profiles on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud. The original idea was only to inform about the episodes of the audio series, but it’s branching out and we will expand it into a club magazine and an online store with our uniquely designed pieces. In order to realize our ideas, we formed a team of creatives who help us throughout this process. We hope that with such a platform we will contribute to the preservation of club culture in Macedonia.

Event industry, associations and plans.

We’ve been a part of the "Association of Cultural Promoters - ZKP", since June 2020. The association includes members who are "guilty" of the best events that have happened throughout Macedonia. The association fought for and won a protocol of events and actively works towards achieving its goals. We cooperate and act collectively as members, not only during the crisis, but we will continue to do so after. We cannot reveal too much details at the moment about what is being discussed and what is being worked on, but as soon as we have official information, we will share it.

Although we found a way to function at the moment, live events cannot be replaced in any form. We hope that special protocols will be found soon, according to which, events can be organized and the "Roomania" project will experience its physical realization.

Until that time comes, follow "Room 313’s" social networks , listen to the released episodes and expect new, exciting and modern electronic releases.