Marko Nastić

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Marko Nastić

Marko Nastic is the leading South Eastern European DJ. In a troubled Serbia of the 90’s, Marko and his friends built one of the most vibrant club scenes in Eastern Europe, one that inspired writers of “Mixmag”, “The Face”, “DJ” and “NME” to write accolades many moons ago. They resisted dark forces of political madness through electronic music and a celebration of life.

Djing and music have always been a part of Marko’s background. Even in his pre-teen years he was fascinated with synthesizers, drum machines and other sound making gadgets. When techno started filtering through to Serbia in the early 90’s, Marko eagerly entered the scene.

Very soon, word began to spread about a teenage techno prodigy and this energy channeled into a young and aspiring DJ team called “Teenage Techno Punks” - all of whom were under the age of 18. Nastic was the leader of the pack, soon to become the hottest talent of South Eastern Europe’s electronic music scene. The queues to club entrances on the nights they performed were longer than ever, and this spread beyond Serbia.

Just as techno music was becoming popular in Serbia, the Balkan conflict escalated. These circumstances shaped and strengthened Marko. The free parties they threw during those times are still an urban legend in Belgrade.

After the war, the club scenes in neighboring countries became aware of Nastic’s unparalleled DJing skills and his distinctive three-deck style. Marko has since matured into a DJ who cannot be labeled as purely techno, house or minimal; he’s all of that, and more.