Interview / tIJN

I still get a buzz from taking fresh material out to a club with me and testing it whether it be a dj gig or a fresh jam I’ve reworked into my live set.

UK born TIJN owns vinyl labels: Into The Wizards Sleeve, In Haus Wax, Deep Edition Recordings & self titled, TIJN, plus various unnamed projects. He’s been making house records since 2007 as Martijn, but more recently has adopted the name TIJN after taking on a more direct analog approach in his purpose built studio.
An accomplished producer as well as DJ, TIJN has played alongside renowned selectors such as Sonja Moonear, Nicolas Lutz, Steffi, Arapu, Priku and Dyed Soundorom, each time Playing his own particular take on house, breaks & dub Techno. TIJN is continually touring the UK & Europe, playing in numerous venues in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona, along with regular spots in Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds, as well as holding a residency for Leftback Records based in Nottingham and a regular feature at the Gottwood & Wigflex festivals lineups.
TIJN also has 3 international tours in the bag, spanning North America, Australia & Asia.

  1. First let’s start with your motivation and inspiration, as a foundation of the process, where do you get it?

My motivation comes with whatever projects or shows I have lined up, I’ve been producing since 2007 and I still get a buzz from taking fresh material out to a club with me and testing it whether it be a dj gig or a fresh jam I’ve reworked into my live set. The inspiration comes when it clicks on the floor, when the time you’ve put into a project pays off. I try to take something fresh to every gig.

  1. Actually how many labels are you managing?

I currently run Into the Wizards Sleeve with label partner Haydn, I’m heavily involved with OGE, Curtea Veche & FA>IE plus all of the sub labels there’s a lot! And some we keep under the radar, this includes day-to-day running of the labels like demos, A&R, Mastering and some artwork too.

  1. Your contribution in the music scene is just amazing and seems like you are not slowing down. How do you manage your time to do all of that?

It can and has been pretty full on in the past with all of the above plus touring for weeks at a time over in the US Australia & Asia and having a young family, but I’ve always found the time when needed to meet deadlines, even if it just an hour here and there, I’m actually quite un productive when I’ve got lots of time on my hands and work better under pressure, at the moment I’m taking it easy and just taking it as it comes, trying not to push to hard, but also focusing on other avenues like my new live set, lots of learning keeps it fresh and exciting. I’m also working on my first album taking tracks from my live show.

  1. Can you walk us through your process of production?

My productions normally start the same way, I’ve a lot of hardware and its all hooked up in a way where I can just press record and jam on the fly building up tracks a piece of gear at a time whilst multi track recording everything at once, if it turns out good ill then strip it back add fx etc and get it pinned down to a useable draft to test out. If that works then ill add final touches and a master, if it makes it into my live set ill then deconstructed it into sections depending on what machine I think it will suit best like the pioneer sp16 with 16 parts or a track with less parts might go on the Electron Octatrack with 8 parts.

  1. Last one for the music production nerds, tell us something about your favourite studio?

Like most hardware nuts I’ve been through some gear some straight in and out some hung around for longer and a few ill never sell, so for this one it has the be the Tanzbar drum machine, one of those bits you don’t really need to process much and always cuts a mix its not to complicated either so its fast to pin ideas down and move on to the next part in the jam.

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